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Voleyball History

The volleyball was created in the year of 1895 by American William C.Morgan, director of physical education of the Christian Association of Young man (ACM), in the city of Holyoke, in Massachusets, in United States of North America. The original name of the new sport was minonette. In that time, the sport in fashion was the basketball, that had just been instituted three years ago to put Nasmith and that quickly had spread. It was very energetic and tiresome for men of age. To put suggestion of Shepherd Lawrece Rinder, Morgan idealized a less tiring game than the basketball for the associated ones older of ACM and it placed a similar net the one of tennis, to a height of 1,83cm, on which a camera of basketball ball was beaten the sport that would be denominated volleyball later appearing like this.

The first ball used in the volleyball (camera of basketball ball) it was very heavy, and, to put this reason, Morgan requested the firm A.G ..Stalding & .Brothers the production a bullet for referred him sport. Mentioned her firm, after several experiences, ended up satisfying to the done demands to put Morgan.

In the beginning that sport was restricted the city of Holpoke and to the gym where Morgan was the director. In a taken conference the effect in the University of Springfield, among directors of Physical education of United States, two teams of Holyoke made a demonstration of the sport it has been creating not very. After this demonstration, the volleyball was extended by Springfield and other cities of Massachusets and New England.

In Springfield, Dr. A.T.Halsted, after observing the new sport, suggested that its name was changed of minonette for volleyball, tends in view that the basic idea of the game was to play the ball to and fro, for on the net, with the hands.

The first article on the game appeared published in the number of July of 1896 of Physical Education. Its author, J.Y.Cameron, of Buffalo, New Yorque, wrote: " The volleyball is a new game, exactly adapted for the gym or it squares cover, more than it cannot, also, to be practiced outdoors. Any number of people can practice it. The game consists of conserving the ball in movement on a high net, to and fro, and it presents, like this, the characteristics of the other games, as the tennis and the handball ".

The first volleyball block had the following measures: length - 15,35m: width - 7,625 m. THE net had the height of 1,98m. THE ball was made of a rubber camera covered with leather or canvas of clear color and he/she had for circuferência 67,5 cm and its weight was of 255 to 340 g.

The volleyball appeared in South America, through Peru, the year of 1910, through a mission hired by the Peruvian government, close to United States, with the purpose of organizing the primary instruction in the country. The members of this mission were you Joseph B. Lochey and José THE, Macknight. They worked of common agreement in the modification of the programs of physical education for children, that appeared in that time and they lacked of games. The taught games were the basketball, the volleyball and the Handball, but they didn't get to surpass the borders of the country. Only in 1912, am Montevidéu, in Uruguay, with the presentation and the incentive of the volleyball for ACM, the first seeds that produced the wanted fruits appeared.

In Brazil, they say one that he was practiced, for the first time, in 1915, in the Colégio Marista of Pernambuco, and others that the same was intriduzido about 1916/1917, by ACM of São Paulo.

The first South American championship of Volleyball, masculine and feminine, sponsored by the Brazilian Confederation of Desportos, entity that controlled that sport, it was accomplished in the Gym of Fluminense F.C., in Rio de Janeiro, in the period of 12 to September 22, 1951, being champion Brazil, in the masculine and in the feminine.

The Brazilian Confederation of Voleiball was created on August 9, 1954 and he had as its first president Mr. Denis Hatthaway.

The Federação Intrernacional of Volleyball was founded on April 20, 1947, in Paris, France, being the first president Mr. Paul Libaud and founders the following páiseses: Brazil, Belgium, Egypt, France, Holland, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Ioguslávia, United States and Uruguay.

In September of 1962, in Sofia's congress, the volleyball was admitted as Olympic sport and its first dispute by occasion of the Olympic Games of Tokyo (Japan), in October of 1964, with the presence of ten countries in the section masculino.O first Olympic champion of masculine volleyball went the team of to Russia (USSR), champion vice Czechoslovakia, in 3rd place Japan. Brazil was in 7th place. The feminine counted with 6 countries, with the selection of Japan becoming champion, vice Russia, 3rd Poland. Brazil didn't participate in this competition.

The creator of the volleyball, William C. Morgam, died on December 27, 1942, with 72 years of age.

Source - Manual of Official Rules - SNAKE - Brazilian School of Masters degree.


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